Scheduling with Jamie Sawyer

Thank you for checking out my tattoos and art!

It's an honor that you would consider me for your tattoo. I receive a large amount of requests, while I carefully consider each tattoo presented, there is only so much time  between work and  life to tattoo them all. (I am normally booked about 1-2 months out.)   

If interested in scheduling a Tattoo or Henna session please submit a request first via the booking form.

You will have access to my scheduling link after submitting the form.  However,  for larger projects, such as sleeves, or multiple session tattoos, please wait to book until you hear back from me.

 I will review your proposed subject matter to make sure I feel I am going to do it any justice.  I will email you asap if I find any personal issues with the idea, and then will direct you accordingly.  

 I have been choosing projects that inspire me and I feel best suited to create.  I apologize in advance if I can not honor your request at this time, however down the road if you have another idea I do hope that you will consider asking me again.

(Please visit my FAQ page to read more about this process) 


A $50 deposit is required once an appointment has been booked. It secures your tattoo appointment and is deducted from the final cost.  The  appointment will be forfeited if I do not receive a deposit.

- Jamie


Sacred Space Tattoo Studio

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Tuesday - Friday by Appointment

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