I started my tattoo journey in winter of 2002 at a small walk-in shop in New Hope, PA.  After a couple  years there;  I joined the Immortal Ink family, which I proudly called my home for 13 wonderful years.  Following my heart and my creative path, I opened Sacred Space Tattoo Studio in Ottsville, Pa.;  A semi-private studio. Working by appointment Tuesday-Friday. 

I am so grateful to the people who have inspired and helped me along the way: my fellow Immortal Ink artists, the clients who have become friends and the friends who have become family. In addition to tattooing; I am excited to offer the temporary body art of Henna to my services.  I look forward to hosting guest Tattoo and Henna artists within the walls of Sacred Space.  Be sure to follow me on social media to keep up to date on these events. 

Through the years I have tried my hands at various tattoo styles.  Honing skills and techniques that spoke to me on an artistic level.  Being able to recognize my strengths, weaknesses and eventually phase out those styles that I felt I wouldn’t do any justice as a tattoo.  My heart lives in color.  Fun bold pieces, that have hints of little details… I have a creative mind with a lack of vices, so what I’m doing today may be completely different than what I’m doing next year…..

The amazing thing about the art of tattoo is that it’s ever evolving.  New techniques, new artists pushing the limits of the skin.  The world of tattooing hails artists that strive to master  the simple yet clean bold pieces of traditional american to the super complicated structure of the asian body suit.  Today some artists even treat skin like an extension of the canvases of old, making you question whether you are looking at an arm or a painting hanging in your favorite museum.   One thing to keep in mind that with the world of tattooing getting so big, make sure that the art you want fits the artist you choose.

With that being said thank you for choosing me!


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